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Welcome to Quattro Race Danmark.


We're a Danish project and enterprise, who wishes to expand the rowing sport in Denmark, with new activities, events and races on the many different waters in Denmark - lakes, fjords and the sea.


For that we have chosen the LiteQuattro "open water" (4X) from the innovative french manufacturer LITEBOAT.


In 2021 we have financed 6 boats in total, which we offer to clubs on a lease for the entire rowing season - and with an option to buy, if wanted by the club.


The LiteQuattro boat is versatile. Both for teaching, training, touring and competions - and it goes well in troubled waters. 

We will organize races and activities for LiteQuattro. 

If you're interested to come to Denmark with your own LiteQuattro, and participate in our activities, you're very welcome - If you want to learn more or try out, then please contact us.


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